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Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment programs provide students a unique opportunity to begin their college career early. Qualified students are able to enroll in college coursework while still in high school. Courses are taught by current King George High School teachers who meet the college credentialing requirements.

According to the U.S. Department of Education, college credits earned prior to high school graduation reduce the average time-to-degree and increase the likelihood of graduation. For parents, it’s an opportunity to reduce future college expenses by shortening the time to college graduation.

It’s important that students and their parents understand that dual enrollment classes are the equivalent of a college class. This means that the workload is greater than a traditional high school class.  In addition, dual enrollment courses become part of permanent college transcripts so it’s essential that students do well in these courses.

Click below for our dual enrollment flyer with course names, prices and deadlines: 
Dual Enrollment Courses and Information
Dual Enrollment Step by Step Instructions

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Eligible To Take Dual Enrollment?

Interested students must first take the college placement exam.  They must also meet the following criteria:

  • High school juniors or seniors attending a public or private school (exceptional freshman and sophomores may be eligible with approval from both high school principal and college president)
  • Meet or exceed college placement requirements
  • Receive a recommendation from a high school official
  • Parental consent provided prior to student enrollment

How Do I Sign Up?

  • Complete the RCC Application and return the Dual Enrollment (DE) Parent Consent Form to the counseling office. This form is due each year in April. The deadline for the 2021-2022 school year is April 16th Take an RCC placement test.  This test is available Monday through Thursday 4:00pm-8: 30 pm at the high school. NO SIGN UP REQUIRED. Just show up! (If you have taken an ACT or SAT, check with your counselor to see if it can be a substitute for the placement test). 
  • Pass the class with a C or higher.
  • If you think you have completed this process, please contact your counselor to be sure. Make sure you have completed steps 1-3 to avoid missing out on available college credits If you have any questions or concerns don't hesitate to contact your counselor. 

Where And When Can I Take The VPT?

Students who have requested Dual Enrollment classes will have the opportunity to take the required VPT test(s) at KGHS on a date in the Spring to be determined.  Students will need to sign up for a testing time in the school counseling office beforehand. Before testing, students must complete a Rappahannock Community College Dual Enrollment Application which can be picked up in the school counseling office or downloaded from this webpage. Students must have their RCC student ID number on test day.

Students who cannot (or do not) take their VPT test(s) on the above days will need to take their test(s) after school.  All testing will need to be done by no later than 3 p.m. on a date to be determined, otherwise students will be moved to a suitable replacement class* or will not earn the college credits.

*For the following classes: English 12 DE, DE Chemistry, and Nurse Aide

What if I Don’t Pass The VPT?

Students are allowed to attempt both the English and Math VPT tests two times in a calendar year.  If a student does not pass the test on both attempts they will be moved to a suitable replacement class* or will not earn the college credits.

How Do Dual Enrollment Credits Work?  

Dual Enrollment students earn both high school and college credits.  Some high school credits are weighted and students must earn a grade of C or better to earn college credit.
RCC’s transfer classes are part of the Associate of Arts and Sciences Degree.

Transfer classes such as ENG, HIS, PLS, BIO, SPA, and CHEM are designed to be acceptable at other colleges. CTE courses are not usually intended to transfer. There are exceptions and some in-state schools take CTE classes for transfer credit, but they are not advertised as transferable because that decision is made by the individual colleges. 

Additional information regarding weighted credits can be found in the program of studies. Students who wish to request a transcript of dual enrollment courses should visit 
RCC Transcripts.

Helpful Links/Information From RCC

Dual Enrollment FAQ's

Taking DE Web Design and DE Adv Web Design will lead to the RCC Web Design Career Studies Certificate

Taking DE CIS, DE Adv CIS, and DE Web Design will lead to the RCC Computer Application Specialist Career Studies Certificate

Taking DE Nurse Aide will lead to the RCC Nurse Aide Career Studies Certificate 

Practice for the VPT tests

The only classes that count towards the AA&S Transfer Degree are DE ENG 12 (ENG111/112 (and CHM 111 at CGS and the DE courses at CBGS), DE Pre Calculus, DE US History and DE World History

The only weighted DE classes are 
DE English, DE Pre-Calculus, DE US History, DE World History and Advanced Teacher Cadets (receiving an extra 1 point each).

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